Clerical Processing

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Clerical and Customer Service to Subscribers     ghost3.wmf (4942 bytes)

Our facility has a complete Clerical/Customer Service staff that will access your files for subscriber information, at the touch of a button.  Whenever one of your subscribers call, we have all of their subscription information online.  We then can answer questions for them without delay.

Simple change of address information is processed on the spot. Payment information, renewal and billing processing, current and future expire date information is available to our staff.  All with the goal of answering subscriber questions on the spot.

Credit card orders will be taken, courteous processing of back issue orders, even providing information as to were to request editorial information or how to send a "letter to the editor" is part of our staff's efforts.

For paid publications S&S will balance the financial aspects of your file for all cash deposited into your deposit only account.  This balancing entails full dollar balancing from the bank deposit to the dollars that are applied to your circulation file.   It is double checked and then verified with summary reports by you the client.